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Just for “NOW”

You can’t change your past, but you can choose if you want to be a FOOL in the future.


We all have problems big or small…long or short…but your decisions makes you who you are


There’s only so much you can do to change your current situation…piece by piece everything will come TOGTHER maybe that’s why God didn’t give us our life PLAN…if he did, wouldn’t we be bored by now. Don’t you think?


Why are people so different, but yet not so different at all?

…What is the surface hiding?

…Is this world we living in truly safe to live in or are we just in an early stage of an “evolution”?

Why does the wrong work out right sometimes?

And who said the right is right. What if the wrong is what we looking for?


Hard work and success go hand-hand?

But how many people you know are born rich, well that’s not success, for success is an inside job. For what is success for me is not necessarily success for you.

Yes, you may think that I’m chewing off a lot of things but I’m a believer – I believe that what you want will come your way.

And what you have is already yours but you just have to find it through all the junk in your life…


“Note to self : start cleaning your life.”


P.S. Enjoy your “NOW”.



Tears with fears. I will rather shed these tears than let you in. I don’t want you to walk in my thoughts. For if I let you in, I would have to blame pain.

I don’t want to become a subject of discussion. Titled: Did you know?

For if I let you in, I would have to deal with your pain, a sub-culture of thoughts making me feel even more weak.

For the pain I know is mine. I don’t want it to shine, for the liquid that oils my thoughts, will release once again pain.

Release, reject, inject = pain

I don’t want to restrain you from knowing my pain, but the thought of your thoughts knowing my thoughts are killing me.

For your thoughts don’t know that my pain brought me strength, strength that made me blossom.

Blossom into the Wild Lily that I am now

My two feet got some thorns, but the fact that I can still walk proves the point that my pain  feeds my soul.

Driving me to my destiny, one lesson at a time

Don’t forget

Birds know their favourite tree. Coming back after winter, knowing that it their home like they never left it.

As humans we need to understand the importance of commitment.

Commitment to your dreams, faith, love, family and friends. You will never know how important these things are till them no longer there.

When you feel lost without direction. Due to the fact that you care about yourself too much. Did you forget what they mean to you? Their struggles are your struggles too.

Know your circle, stay true your circle. The people that we have around us are  like our own little army. Are they prepared to die for you?

Get out of your selfish ways and see what they doing for you. It might not be what you want but remember it’s something for when the dog bite, you will never know how much it hurts till that dog bites you.

Never think that you know somebody else’s pain. We are different, you may have empathy, but don’t know my pain.

When I call on you, know that I need you. Don’t judge me; don’t try to think that you know me.

Just hold on to me, tell me everything will be okay. I may come across as strong, hold up!!! I am STRONG, but my pain runs deeper than meets the eye.

Frame of mind

The mind is not poor,but the surround that you put your mind in is…

Filling your mind with doubt, hate, jealously, rudeness, corruption, fakeness, lies, insecurities, revenge, low self-esteem, no purpose, anxiety, evils, backstabbing, cheating, self pity,selfishness, judging yourself on what society wants you 2 be, not using the opportunities life throw at u, stubbornness, not willing to learn first, being shy…And not want to cry out for help!

Don’t make yourself into something you not,we all are different..Because we live, breath, eat, think, see, act, fail and succeed,differently

Our DNA is uniquely our own.My fingerprint is mine and can be trace.The outer body make up;shape of eyes, lips, nose, ears, teeth, colour of eyes, toes, buttocks, breast, finger and pigmentation blend.Maybe look similar but the design wil never be a identical match

You may think like me,even speak of my tone of voice but you not me

Don’t be a fool,make your mind rich with; happy thoughts, smiles, encourage,motivation, love, support, bravery,independence, extenuation,forgiveness,acceptation, wisdom, “ubuntu”, dreaming and living your life the way you want.No one can lead your success for you,you will have to take charge..

Live your life “joie de vivre”!

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